About Us

I am...

Christa Terry, a digital storyteller, audience engagement strategist and marketer who loves to work in the non-profit and startup spaces (but I'm flexible). My background is in journalism but I made the switch to social and content marketing, branding, and communications strategy development because it's way more fun. 


I'm proud...

of creating a book for Simon & Schuster in just 2 months; hosting Twitter parties that launched brands onto the trending topics list; developing content for big brands like T-Mobile; creating kickass custom marketing packages for brands like GB, Dorel, and Pampers; and writing more articles for clients than I can count. 

Why hire us?

I am purpose-driven, ambitious, and achievement oriented. And I have a team of web devs, photographers, and marketers that are totally amazing. So, come on! Let's solve your biggest brand awareness problems together!