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ButterTea is a digital marketing agency here to help you you creatively engage with your audience 

wherever they are. Our mission is to inspire that audience to share your story on their own networks, because word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool of all.

What We Do


What do you want people to see/feel/experience when they engage with your brand? From messaging to persona mapping to brand guidelines, we can work with you to build a framework that unlocks your brand’s full potential. Learn more. 


It's about telling a story people want to be told - in ad form, in blog form, in emails, on your website, on social media, and everywhere else. Take coming up with creative, colorful campaigns off your plate by putting it onto ours. Learn more. 


You don’t have time for social media because (duh) you already have a job. So let us do it for you. Maybe that means Facebook. Maybe it means Snapchat. Or something new? We can take you from strategy to social media management to monitoring. Learn more.  

People Love Us

TJ Kelly says...

Christa is a creative thinker and produces impressive results for her clients. Her abilities extend far beyond simply following orders. She thinks critically about each task and works hard to find the best solution—then she executes that solution flawlessly. 

John McDougall says...

Christa is a strategic, creative and hard working marketer who is also great at social media, SEO and more. Wonder Woman should be nervous that she will lose her job! 

James Carter Hall says...

Bottom line: Christa provided me with an additional element of expertise that has allowed me to flourish in my professional career moving forward. 

Kat Lane says...

Christa is simply one of the finest people I have ever worked with. And she's fast! Those two things don't usually go together but somehow Christa manages to take even the most challenging assignments and turn them in or, or before, deadline. Did I also mention that she is a joy to work with, a fountain of creativity and brimming with smart ideas? 

HD Miller says...

Christa is by far the most professional and talented blogger the Manolo  has ever encountered. She has never missed the deadline, never submitted  the less than professional copy, and never failed to completely  entertain and inform the readers of her blogs.  

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